Fredericksburg Tankless Water Heater Services

Are you sick of fighting over the shower in the morning, worried about running out of hot water? If so, call Plumb Perfect Plumbing and ask about our tankless water heater service today.

Hot water is a necessity for modern living. And people with high demand often run out at the most inconvenient times. At Plumb Perfect Plumbing, we recommend an instant hot water heater installation to fix the problem and provide as much hot water as you need, when you need it. For more information, call us for a consultation.

If your water bill is rising and you can't figure out the problem. Check out our plumbing inspections service for help.

Benefits of Installing a Tankless Water Heater

If you’re still using a traditional tank-style water heater and find that you always run out of hot water, maybe consider replacing it with a tankless system. Check out these benefits then call us for an appointment.

  • No waiting for water to get hot
  • Use as much hot water as you want and never run out
  • Tankless systems take up little space, making them ideal for smaller homes and apartments
  • Tankless systems are more efficient, saving you money on your energy bill
  • Tankless water heaters last longer than traditional systems

If you’re still on the fence about going tankless, call us for a consultation.

Do Tankless Water Heaters Save You Money?

Today, more homeowners look for ways to make their homes more energy-efficient and save money than ever before. One way to do that is with an instant hot water heater installation. So, can you save money with this system? The answer is that while tankless systems do cost more to purchase, they save you money each year. Depending on the price of your fuel source, you may be able to save $100 or more per year by going tankless. Also, tankless systems are more efficient than tank water heaters, which require the water to sit in a tank and be heated. If you still have questions about how much you can benefit from going tankless, call us and let us evaluate your home’s hot water needs.

A burst pipe can wreak havoc and create hundreds of dollars in property damage. We have expert burst pipe repair service for these emergencies.

How Do Tankless Water Heater Work?

Tankless, or on-demand water heaters give you instant hot water for as long as you need it and don’t waste energy the way tank systems do. With a tankless system, when you turn on your tap, cold water comes into the unit, and an electric element or gas burner heats it instantly to deliver a constant stream of hot water. With this system, users typically get about 2-5 gallons per minute of hot water.

Stop worrying about running out of hot water. Call Plumb Perfect Plumbing at (540) 388-1485 for service in Fredericksburg and find out how you can benefit from going tankless!