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If your home isn’t connected to a city water line and instead operates on a well system, it relies heavily on a properly functioning well tank. This mechanism is responsible for maintaining adequate water pressure in your home. If you’re experiencing water pressure problems and you’re on a well system, you need the assistance of a Fredericksburg, VA well tank plumber who is fully equipped and experienced in handling similar issues.

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Understanding the Well System

When a well is made, a pump is installed to power the water up and into your home.

The type of pump selected for a home is usually determined by factors such as the:

  • Size of the dwelling
  • Amount of plumbing fixtures on the property
  • Water demand of the household

Once the water is pumped up and out of the well, it enters the pressure tank.

The Role of the Pressure Tank

When you reach for a faucet in your home, you expect water to come out at a certain speed. The pressure tank creates this water pressure through the use of compressed air to exert force on the water that is released when a valve is opened in your home.

The well tank holds waiting, pressurized water so that the well pump doesn’t have to turn on and off every single time a faucet is turned on in your home. This means that the pressure tank is responsible for not only generating water pressure but for prolonging the lifespan of your well pump.

How to Balance Your Pressure Tank

Balancing your pressure tank is essential for prolonging your water well pump and maintaining the system. The following are the steps to take to balance your pressure tank. However, before you start, make sure the bladder in the tank hasn’t burst.

Before You Begin

  • Shut off the power to your pump
  • Turn on the faucet and drain the water out of the system to ensure there isn’t any more water in the tank.
  • Shake the tank lightly to make sure you don’t hear water inside it.

Balancing The Pressure Tank

  • Run water and see at which pressure the pump turns on and off
  • Use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in the tank
  • Adjust the pressure using a compressor to 2 psi less than what’s required for the pump to turn on. For tanks with low-pressure cutoff switches, set it to 5 psi under the cut off point.
  • Turn the power to the system back on
  • Run water to check the pressure gauge and ensure that the needle indicating pressure moves smoothly

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