Sewage Ejector Pumps in Fredericksburg

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A sewage ejector pump is needed when a bathroom, laundry room, or large plumbing fixture is installed somewhere below the level of the main sewer or septic line that carries waste away from your Fredericksburg, VA home. The flow of wastewater is dependent on gravity, so underground fixtures require supplemental force from sewage ejectors to elevate the waste and get it out. As you can imagine, an improperly installed sewage ejector pump can lead to a huge mess

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How the Pump Works

A sewage ejector pump is placed in a sump pit dug into the basement or crawlspace beneath ground level. The basin usually can hold around 30 gallons of waste. Each drain line from the various underground fixtures is positioned to runoff into the ditch. When the wastewater swells to a certain height, the sewage ejector pump begins to power it out of the ditch and up to the sewer or septic line until the waste level returns to an acceptable point.

When choosing the sewage ejector pump that is best suited for your home, a Fredericksburg plumber will help you consider:

  • Which size pump you need
  • The necessary holding capacity of the waste basin
  • Reasonable prices for the unit
  • The ideal dimensions of each part of the system

How to Maintain Your Sewer Pump

The sewage ejector pump in which sits a pump that’s responsible for collecting the waste from all of your plumbing fixtures. If this unit isn’t cleaned properly or regularly, your water may have an unpleasant odor. Here’s how to maintain your sewer pump.

  • Use the trash for non-flushable items like sanitary napkins, personal wipes, paper towels, floss, and other items.
  • Keep the grinder pump clean by either flushing lemon juice down the toilet or purchasing a special product to help break up clogs.
  • Schedule an annual maintenance service call with a professional plumber.
  • Watch out for problems telling you that something’s not right, such as sewage odor.
  • Sewage ejector pumps have vents installed, which you should check to ensure the seals are tight and the lid is tight.

Sewage Pump Installation & Replacement

The sewage pump is key to keeping your sewage system in your home clean if you rely on a septic system. With heavy use, the pump undergoes a lot of wear and tear, which takes a toll on the system. Here’s how to know when it’s time to get a new sewage pump installation or replacement.

  • Sewage Odor: If you walk into the basement and smell sewage, it could be that the pump isn’t doing its job of completely emptying it when it turns on.
  • Continuous Running: If the pump runs continuously it could mean the sensor is failing. A failing sensor doesn’t necessarily mean you need a sewage pump replacement, but it’s a good idea to call a plumber to be sure.
  • Fluid Isn’t Ejected: If the pump runs but the pit isn’t emptying, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. It could be a clog or the pump may not have the power to suction out the pit.

For these and other sewage pump problems, you’re better off calling a professional for an assessment.

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Don’t Risk the Mess

There are many do-it-yourself projects around the home that can reasonably be completed by a well-informed nonprofessional. This is not one of those. The effectiveness of a sewage ejector pump relies on a delicate balance and carefully installed parts. One mistake can result in a smelly emergency and a potentially costly problem.

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