Fredericksburg Burst Pipe Repair Service

When pipes freeze and burst, the water damage can run into the thousands of dollars. Call Plumb Perfect Plumbing for expert burst pipe repair.

If you suffer from a burst pipe, the damage goes beyond water. You might also get mold buildup in your home, which can make you and your family ill. To ensure your pipes remain safe during winter, call Plumb Perfect Plumbing when you need frozen pipe repair to ensure the safety of your Fredericksburg home and family.

Old pipes are prone to leaking and bursting. Check out our repiping service to bring your home’s plumbing up to date.

Why Do Pipes Burst?

When temperatures drop below freezing, water in the pipes expands, causing pressure to build. When the pressure gets too high, the pipe splits. However, this isn’t the only cause of burst pipes. Sometimes, old, galvanized steel pipes burst because of corrosion. If you live in a climate where temperatures drop below freezing, or if your home’s pipes are over 50 years old, call us and let us help.

Are Burst Pipes Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Whether you woke up to a kitchen floor flooded, or noticed water spots on the ceiling, you may be dealing with a burst pipe. The water damage alone can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, so it’s natural to wonder if insurance covers you. The answer is that it depends on your specific policy, but in most cases, you should be covered. The best bet is to check with your insurance company to review your policy before you experience water damage from a burst pipe.

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How to Protect Pipes from Freezing

The best way to prevent a burst pipe is to keep pipes warm during winter. Here are a few tips for doing that.

  • Keep the heat on if you’re going away for long periods
  • During below-freezing temperatures, let the faucet drip
  • Keep interior cabinet doors like under the sink open to let in heat
  • Apply pipe insulation to vulnerable pipes
  • Beef up insulation in attics and other cold areas where pipes might freeze
  • Consider using space heaters in problem areas

For more help on keeping pipes warm during winter, call Plumb Perfect Plumbing’s experts today.

Don’t risk home damage from burst pipes. Call Plumb Perfect Plumbing at (540) 388-1485 for burst pipe repair in Fredericksburg and keep your home safe!