Fredericksburg Whole Home Repiping

Older homes with steel pipes are at risk of bursts and leaks. Call Plumb Perfect Plumbing and ask about our whole house repipe services today.

If your home was built with steel or lead pipes, they are now in danger of bursting because of corrosion. To ensure your family and property are safe, and to get better, healthier water, call us and find out about repiping your Fredericksburg home today.

Have you been noticing an increase in your water bill? It might be time for a plumbing inspection, call us today.

Significant Signs Saying You Need to Repipe Your Home

If you’re living in an old home that’s never been renovated, you may be dealing with frequent plumbing issues. Even if you don’t have significant problems, it’s wise to repipe your home to protect your property and avoid more significant issues in the future. Here are signs saying you need a repipe company.

  • Yellow or brown water, or water with sediment in it.
  • Frequent pipe leaks throughout the house.
  • Your walls are stained from water leaks caused by worn-out pipes.
  • Damp walls in the kitchen or bathrooms.
  • Your home still has lead pipes.
  • Your water pressure is low.

If you’re not sure about your home’s plumbing, call us for inspection.

Benefits of Repiping a House

Repiping your home is necessary when your pipes begin to fail because of age. However, there are other benefits to replacing your home’s pipes too. Repiping your home ensures your pipes are durable and less likely to fail in the future. Also, if you have discolored or bad-tasting water, repiping may solve these issues. Lastly, replacing your home’s pipes adds value should you want to sell it.

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to burst. Call us when you need expert burst pipe repair.

Best Material for Repiping Your Home

Depending on your situation, your plumber may use one or a combination of piping material during your house repiping project. Copper is standard because it’s long-lasting, can survive fires, and resists weather. However, copper is difficult to install, which means higher labor costs. PEX or polyethylene pipes have the advantage of flexibility, which means plumbers can bend the pipes eliminating the need for joints, which saves time and money and reduces the risk of joint leaks. PEX also resists corrosion and freezing better than metal pipes. Your residential plumbing company will decide which material is best depending on your needs.

Ensure the safety of your home’s water by calling Plumb Perfect Plumbing at (540) 388-1485 and ask about our whole house repiping services in Fredericksburg, VA.