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How to Stay Safe From Gas Line Leaks

Learn the Signs of a Gas Leak This National Wellness Month 

A gas leak is when natural gas leaks out of a gas line or any gas-burning appliance. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, so it’s essential they are detected and fixed right away. In high amounts, they can cause explosions, fires, and health symptoms from natural gas poisoning. In honor of National Wellness Month this month, this post will share some important information homeowners should know to help them better identify and respond to a gas leak.  

What Are the Signs of a Gas Leak? 

smellCommon signs of a gas leak that can alert homeowners to the issue include: 

  • Sudden health concerns: People can experience physical symptoms of natural gas poisoning from high levels of exposure, including nausea, headaches, lightheadedness, and chest pain. 
  • Memory issues and odd behaviors: Exposure to natural gas can affect how much oxygen flows to the brain, causing confusion, memory problems, and cognitive impairment among residents. 
  • Foul smells: While the gas itself is odorless, gas leaks smell like sulfur and rotting eggs because of a chemical added to it to help people identify a gas leak.
  • Higher-than-usual gas bills: A gas leak wastes gas like how a leaking pipe wastes water. One may find their monthly gas bill higher if there’s an unaddressed leak. 

What Should Homeowners Do if They Suspect a Gas Leak? 

If a homeowner suspects a gas leak, they should immediately evacuate everyone from the home without touching anything. Even a light switch or electronics shouldn’t be operated inside to prevent a spark that could ignite the gas. Additionally, they should turn off the gas if possible. 

Then homeowners should quickly notify their local gas company of the issue and call a professional plumber to detect and repair the gas leak. Because of the significant dangers associated with gas leaks, it’s best to err on the side of caution and consult professionals if a homeowner suspects a gas leak.   

Gas Line Repair  

leakThe only way to safely locate and fix a gas leak is to call a professional. A qualified plumber can use their training, special equipment like a gas leak detector, and knowledge to determine the gas leak’s severity and location. The first step they will take is to shut off the gas and judge whether it’s safe to remain in the area. Once the gas line is fixed and the leak eliminated, the professional can also advise homeowners on how to stay safe from gas leaks in the future. 

For instance, they may recommend installing a two-in-one natural gas and carbon monoxide detector and alarm. These devices measure and alert homeowners to gas and carbon monoxide leaks. It’s worth noting that many carbon monoxide alarms only test for carbon monoxide unless otherwise stated, so homeowners should carefully read the packaging before installation, making sure it tests for both. 

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