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How Important is Whole-Home Water Filtration?

Three Big Reasons Every Home Should be Equipped With Water Filtration

Choosing the right water filtration option can make a bigger difference than most people think. The three main types of home water filtration are under-sink, faucet, and whole-home. Some homeowners opt for buying bottled water to ensure that the water they drink isn't dirty. Others use a filtration pitcher. All these are viable options, but some are certainly better than others. And whole-home water filtration is the best all-around for ensuring that the entire home has clean, safe water at a reasonable price. Read on to find out why whole-home water filtration is essential. 

Improves the Taste and Smell of Waterwater

While most tap water is relatively clean, it can still smell and taste pretty funky. When tap water tastes and smells strange, it’s not always a sign that the water is unfit to drink, but it can be. This is one of the significant benefits of a whole-home filtration system: it improves both the smell and taste of water. These filtration systems are installed out of the way and are large enough to provide plenty of filtration, removing the particles that cause a bad taste and smell in the water. 

And it doesn’t just do this for one or two faucets in the house. It cleans all the water coming in. So whether homeowners are brushing their teeth, bathing, or cooking dinner, the water tastes and smells like clean water should! 

Removes Lead and Chlorine From Tap Water

Another benefit of water filtration is its ability to remove lead and chlorine from tap water. Chlorine can be a good thing for water as it is used in water treatment plants to ensure that it is safe to drink. And small amounts of chlorine are thought to be okay for healthy individuals to consume. But not everyone reacts to chlorine the same. Those with sensitive skin can develop rashes after bathing in chlorine water. Plus, many homeowners prefer to drink water that doesn’t have chlorine, which is fine as long as the water is clean and filtered before consumption. 

Lead is another story altogether. There is no safe amount of lead that humans can consume. This means that any lead in the water can cause potential problems in the future after it’s allowed to build up in the body. A whole-home filtration system can remove lead and other heavy metals to help ensure that the water is safe and clean. 


Protects Against Bacteria and Harmful Pollutants

Lastly, whole-home filtration works to protect all the household’s water from bacteria and harmful pollutants. A lot can happen between a water treatment facility and a home, and without the protection of a whole-home filter, homeowners can find themselves exposed to dangerous water. But with a filter, homeowners can breathe easy knowing that they have an effective line of defense against all kinds of water pollutants, both organic and artificial.  

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