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Halloween Bathroom Decorating Tips To Die For!

Updated Bathroom Decor Ideas for Halloween   

Here are some tips from plumbing experts on how homeowners can transform their bathroom plumbing this Halloween into a spooky surprise for all who enter! Here are some of the best ways to transform bathroom fixtures with holiday decor. The bathroom mirrors, showers, and sinks are all opportunities to have some fun with decorating. 

Halloween Toilet Decorations toilet

To spruce up the toilet seat, homeowners can add a Halloween-themed seat cover or sticker decals. Sticker decals are great for holiday decorating projects because they are easy to apply and remove. The toilet seat lid is the perfect place for adding a scary picture. There are sticker decals that look like spiders or a monster crawling out of the toilet. 

A skeleton hand toilet paper makes for a spooky experience. Use artificial pumpkins or spiderwebs to hide the hardware at the base of the toilet. Another fun decorating idea is to write "flush!" or "put the seat down!" in spooky handwriting on the toilet. Order some black or Halloween-themed toilet paper for an extra touch. 

A fun DIY project for Halloween toilet decoration uses black and white construction paper to create a crack in the toilet with eyes peeking out. This one will be sure to scare! 

Shower Halloween Decorationsshower

There are so many iconic shower scenes in horror movies to draw inspiration from for shower decor. A Halloween-themed shower curtain is a great place to start. Shower curtains with slash marks, blood splatters, or ghostly handprints will make guests terrified to look inside. 

They also make wall decals for tiles that are perfect for transforming the shower space. To take things to the next level, put a fake corpse in the bathtub or fill the bathtub with fake blood. The empty space in the shower or bathtub is a perfect opportunity to add extra decorations for the Halloween party, just be sure to unplug any electronic decorations before turning on the water! 

Ghostly Writing On the Mirror  

Try out one of these spooky mirror decor ideas:

  • "Redrum"
  • "You're next" 
  • "Beware"
  • Bloody handprints 
  • Ghostly apparitions 
  • Blood splatters

Applying stickers made especially for mirrors makes for an easy clean-up when the holiday is over. Using tape or the wrong types of stickers could leave a sticky residue on the mirror. Mirrors can be scary with legends such as Candyman and Bloody Mary. Urban legends and horror movies are good sources of inspiration for homeowners. For a simple DIY, write a scary phrase in red lipstick. 

One can use the bathroom sink counter space to add themed soap dispensers and other holiday decor. Turning off the bright overhead light and using ambient lighting from candles or LEDs will create a spookier atmosphere. One can use battery-powered candles in place of real ones to prevent a fire hazard. Jack-o-lanterns and light-up decorations can add some extra light. Orange, purple, or green string lights look great with Halloween decor. 

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