Water Line Boring Services in Fredericksburg

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Plumb Perfect Plumbing is one of the industry leaders in professional water line directional boring services in Fredericksburg, VA. With a great deal of experience in the plumbing industry, our drilling experts have mastered the craft of horizontal directional boring. We have the skills and equipment to meet your project’s requirements, small or large, and provide exceptional service.

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What Is Water Line Directional Boring?

Water line directional boring is a trenchless method of installing underground water lines. The process is utilized to minimize impact to the ground surface while installing the piping underneath. Our team can place a new water line under roads, rivers, rocks, railway lines and other terrains without disturbing the ground above or the services along the way.

Directional boring is typically used when excavating or trenching may not be practical. This allows us to quickly and efficiently place a water line into the ground using a trenchless placement method.

How Does Underground Boring Work?

Using a boring machine, we dig two points of access then drill a pilot hole. The next step involves enlarging the borehole until it’s the right size for the pipe to be installed. Throughout the process, rock cuttings and dirt are pulled out with drilling mud.

The drilling mud guides the drill bit as it bores the hole, acting as a coolant and lubricant for the drill bit while stabilizing the borehole. Although typically an arc, horizontal directional boring can navigate turns during the boring process. That is especially critical when avoiding existing buried infrastructure such as tunnels, sewers and other water pipes.

Once the drill-out is complete, and the borehole is large enough for the product pipe that’s to be installed, the pipeline is pulled through the hole. The installation process can then continue with standard trenching methods.

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Benefits of Directional Boring Services

At Plumb Perfect Plumbing, our top priority is to provide top-notch value at no extra cost to our customers. Water line boring is one of the best ways to do that. By leveraging trenchless technology, you can avoid the often cumbersome process that comes with excavation methods. Boring instead of digging also cuts down on time needed to complete a project. And time is money.

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