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Well Pump Services in Fredericksburg, VA

Do you have a private water supply? If you live out of town, you probably do. Whether you’re looking for a new well pump or to repair an existing one, this is certainly not the type of job to take on solo. With so many variables, from the location and depth of installation to the type of pump, taking this on as a DIY job is problematic.

A company like Plumb Perfect can help you in all aspects of well pump repair and installation in Fredericksburg, including emergency situations. By using a firm like Plumb Perfect for installation, you’ll also have a trusted ally on speed dial when it comes to future maintenance and repair, too.

How about those different types of well pumps in Fredericksburg, then?

Jet Pumps and Submersible Pumps

Have an older jet pump in Fredericksburg you’re looking to have repaired? Considering upgrading to a more efficient and tech-driven submersible pump?

With an older jet pump, water will be brought up from the ground using suction created by a motorized impeller or a centrifugal pump. As water is sucked through the pump, a partial vacuum allows more water to be sucked through. This water then travels through tubing and on through the plumbing system. Jet pumps work well with shallow wells when the water table is high.

Long and cylindrical submersible pumps, on the other hand, are comprised of a sealed motorized pump controlled by wiring. There’s also a stack of impellers that will push the water to the surface as they move up and down. A submersible pump is generally the smartest option.

Companies like Plumb Perfect are deeply experienced in dealing with all types of well pumps in Fredericksburg. You should only place your trust in the hands of a company with a solid track record and the ability to deal with any pump, whether for installation, upgrade, or repairs.

Professional Plumbers in Fredericksburg, VA

Whatever type of well pump in Fredericksburg you’re considering, you should only ever engage the services of a qualified and professional company like Plumb Perfect. Call 540-779-9714, and you can rest assured installation or repairs will be carried out to the highest standard.

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