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What Is a Sewage Ejector Pump?

If you’ve been hunting for a sewage ejector pump in Fredericksburg, you know that these come in handy when plumbing fixtures of any kind are located below the septic line or main sewer line.

For the wastewater to flow efficiently, the water level needs to be raised, and that’s where a sewage ejector pump comes in.

The pump will sit in a sump basin and collect around 30 gallons of waste. Drain lines from fixtures slope down into this basin, and when the wastewater reaches a certain height, the float triggers the pump. The water is then directed to the level of the septic line or sewer line. The float drops back down, and the process starts from the beginning again.

Installation Is Not a Do It Yourself Project

While the principle might sound straightforward, sewage ejector pump installation is not a job you should undertake solo.

When you’re hoping to install a sewage ejector pump in Fredericksburg, you’ll need some guidance on adhering to building codes. Since the work will involve sewer lines or septic lines, you’ll also need advice on acquiring the necessary permits.

Not to mention, for a sewage ejector pump to work effectively, professional installation is crucial. The potential for an enormous mess is significant, so avoid the DIY route at all costs.

An experienced plumber will also help with:

  • Advice on the right pump size
  • Gauge appropriate holding capacity for the waste basin
  • Get the overall sizing right

Installing a sewage ejector pump in Fredericksburg can be the easiest thing in the world if you call a Plumb Perfect plumber, but if you try to cut corners and do it yourself, it might lead to a big mess.

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