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Tips to Keep Your Gutters Clear This Fall

Keep Your Gutters Clean During the Brisk Fall Months With These Tips

For many homeowners, the start of fall is a welcome season after the doldrums of summer. The changing leaves and cooling weather speak of approaching holidays, which means time with family and friends. However, once fall is in full swing, and the dead leaves are collecting on the lawn (and worse— in the gutters), autumn loses a bit of its luster. Even those homeowners without large trees on their property seem to end up with clogged gutters. But, there are a few tips homeowners can adopt to keep their gutters clean this fall. 

Hire Professional Gutter Cleaners

Gutter cleaning is a risky business. Balancing on a ladder or crouching on a roof without proper safety equipment is always a risk, which is why professional gutter cleaning services can be a lifesaver. The right equipment can make the job quick and easy, leaving homeowners with clean gutters without having to get dirty and tired themselves.


Reduce Debris by Trimming Trees During Windy and Rainy Months

Another tip for keeping gutters clean in the fall is to do some preventative maintenance. While trimming trees after the leaves have started falling doesn’t help a whole lot, doing it before fall hits can save homeowners some trouble. This not only helps to limit the number of leaves ending up on the roof and in the gutter, but it also helps prevent falling branches that could damage the home, fencing, or vehicle in the driveway. 

Install Helpful Gutter Guards

Perhaps the most long-term and effective option is to install gutter guards. There are several options to choose from for homeowners that want to go this route. However, not all gutter guards are created equal. Some options are better than others, depending on the type of debris that usually ends up in the gutters. Here’s a quick rundown of the three main options:


  • Plastic Mesh: Plastic mesh gutter guards are inexpensive and easy to install, but they generally don’t hold up as well as other options. Plus, the size of the mesh holes can allow smaller items inside the gutters, like pine needles and seeds. As a result, homeowners that go with this option will still need to clean their gutters on occasion. 
  • Surface Tension Guards: These are a more expensive option, but they do a great job of keeping debris out of the gutters. They are designed to allow water to flow into the gutter while leaves and other items fall off onto the ground below. However, for best use, the gutters need to be flush with the slope of the roof. On many houses, the pitch of the gutters makes the installation of these guards more difficult. 
  • Fine Metal Mesh: Finally, fine metal mesh options allow water to flow through while keeping everything but the very smallest pieces of debris out. And those small particles usually wash away without causing a clog. These are relatively expensive and require a somewhat involved installation, but the stainless steel options should last a good long time. 

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