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The Essential Guide for Choosing a New Garbage Disposal

What You Should Look For in a Garbage Disposal

Does an old garbage disposal get you down? Nothing is worse than when you go to clean off those dirty dishes and you turn the system on to find out it isn’t working. It is the one handy dandy tool that you use to keep things running smoothly in the kitchen, and when it’s out, so are you.

If it turns on, but won’t work correctly or sounds like a chainsaw running, it might be time to replace the unit. Chances are the one you have in place already isn’t right for your household anyway. Below, there is expert plumbing advice on what to look for in a new garbage disposal system - if you’re in the market.

Keeping the Noise Level Down a Notch

Say you have guests over and you’re hanging in the kitchen having a great conversation when someone turns on the cantankerous disposal. All communication ceases to exist, and you can’t even hear yourself think! It’s super disturbing.

noise level

What’s more annoying than a garbage disposal system that puts off the worse grinding noise you’ve ever heard in your life? You may not have the correct equipment in your sink, or its time to replace. The good news is, there are some really great options out there! Here is a shortlist of some of the best-rated units:

  1. InSinkErator - Evolution Excel: This is supposedly the best on the market right now. A trusted brand, it is super quiet and capable. Although it is relatively expensive.
  2. General Electric - ⅓ HP Continuous Feed: This is an elementary unit for single-member households or couples. It is surprisingly robust and silent and is touted to be easy to install.
  3. Waste King - Legend Series: This one is named the best bang for your buck. It’s quiet and extremely durable, making it one of the most popular models.
  4. KitchenAid - Continuous Feed: This one is called the “whisper quiet unit.” Most people recognize the brand and know its quality. There are complaints about the ease of feed, however.

Disposal System Motor Size Matters

Ok, so you have looked at some brands and might have a few choices in mind. Wait up! There is a guide to follow for the size of the motor you need for your household. The size of the motor matters!

What you need depends on the number of people that live in the house. You might want to rethink what size you should purchase if you have company over frequently, too.

motor sizeFollowing is an easy list for reference:
  • ⅓ HP: Weak, only for one or two people.
  • ½ HP: A little better, suitable for up to six, maybe.
  • ¾ HP: Good choice, up to an eight-member house.
  • 1 HP: Better option, if you want quiet power.

A Word on Garbage Disposal Warranties

So, you’ve got it down pat! You’re a pro yourself now when it comes to purchasing that perfect disposal unit for your kitchen. Just one more thing! Call it, a little word to the wise, before you make the final call. 

garbage disposal warranties

A functional garbage disposer should last for many years to come. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover part or all of a replacement system. Check before taking the plunge. Also, unit warranties range from at least a year to the lifetime of the system. Obviously, a best-in-class lifetime warranty is the best option, but you may find that you won’t need that if you do a little research. Happy hunting!

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