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Take Care of the Holidays Early and Prevent Plumbing Problems

Don’t Let a Plumbing Emergency Ruin Thanksgiving Plans

As the holidays come back around, it’s time to start thinking about having family and friends over. A meticulous host will think of everything to keep a gathering enjoyable and effortless. But, many hosts forget about the liability that the plumbing could pose if it is not properly protected from problems. 

This year, hosts can leave no stone unturned for holiday preparations. This quick reminder from local kitchen and bathroom plumbing experts can ensure no plumbing problems interrupt holiday merrymaking, and everyone can truly relax over a nice meal. 

Clogged Toilets Can Ruin a Partytoilet

Toilets are generally very reliable appliances, especially when considering what they do. With good bathroom practices, most toilets can run for years without experiencing any significant problems. However, there will be times when toilets start having trouble but, luckily, there are things that homeowners can do to make sure toilets stay reliable, especially through the holiday season. Some good ideas to implement to keep toilets running longer are:
  • Keep the lid down to prevent foreign objects from falling in
  • Keep a wastebasket nearby to accept wipes and feminine products
  • Only flush waste and toilet paper-- even products deemed “flushable” can cause problems
  • Don’t overfill the basin 
  • Plunge when necessary
  • Call for clogged toilet repair when these steps don’t work

Prevent Sewer Clogs

Toilets that frequently clog may not be to blame for their chronic troubles. Clogged toilets can be the first sign that sewer line repairs are needed. Since all drains lead to the sewer main and toilets flood the sewer with water faster than any other appliance, they are usually the first place that serious clog will manifest. 

Luckily, sewer line repair can be as easy as calling a local plumber. The first thing the plumber will recommend is hydro jetting the sewer line. Over time, the inside of pipes becomes bogged down with grease, scum, and debris. Hydro-jetting washes everything off the inside of the pipes and forces it downstream and out of the line. What a homeowner is left with is clean pipes that won’t clog and peace of mind. 

Schedule Preventative Maintenance and Be Gratefulplumber

With a little planning, holiday plans can be perfect. If the toilets and sewer are ready for the holidays, there is only one more thing to check: the drains. Routine drain cleaning is a service that is quickly gaining popularity because it prevents nasty clogs in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Routine drain cleaning is the perfect thing to finish off preparations for the holidays. During the holidays, the kitchen drain will take extra punishment with meal preparations. The bathrooms will also likely see extra usage to accommodate guests. To get peace of mind, one can clean the drains preemptively to prevent any problem. A drain cleaning service is quick and clean and makes the holidays problem-free. How could anyone forget to take care of the plumbing before the holidays again with a value like that?

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