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Self Care Tips to Turn Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Bathing Experience 

These tips can help transform a normal bathroom into an oasis away from the rest of the world to relax and rewind. There are proven scientific benefits of the relaxing power of taking baths. Stress is the main cause of many chronic illnesses. Homeowners can keep their stress levels low this month by following these bathroom self-care tips. 

There are many ways to upgrade a bathroom experience, including mood lighting, bathroom remodeling, and luxury bath installation. Aromatherapy and chromatherapy can be incorporated into the bathroom design for a luxurious spa experience. Here are some tips for our plumbing experts on transforming a bathroom into a home spa oasis. 

Taking Baths Scientific Benefits benefits

Improves circulation 
  • Helps with sleep 
  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure 
  • Recover from workouts faster
  • Burns calories 

There are many health benefits to taking baths, including mental health benefits. The mind and body are connected, and when people get too stressed out, it can manifest physically. Taking baths helps to keep stress levels low, which reduces blood pressure and helps to reduce the risk of chronic illness associated with stress. 

Bathing also helps to remove toxins from the body by increasing blood flow throughout the body, burning calories, and washing away the day's germs. Hot water can be beneficial for reducing muscle strain from workouts or sitting at a desk all day. A hot bath is a great holistic treatment for muscle tension. Add Epsom salts or aromatherapy to the water for a luxurious experience. 

Benefits of Chromatherapy 

  • Stress relief 
  • Reduces swelling in the body
  • Helps with sleep 
  • Beneficial with recovery from injury or surgery
  • Improves mood 

Blue lights are often used in bathrooms because they are believed to induce a calm mood and bring about a peaceful state of mind. Studies have shown that different color lights can help with healing the body and mind. For example, cool colors such as blue, green, and purple are more calming to look at than vibrant oranges, pinks, and red. 

LED lights are often used in bathrooms because they are the safest light fixtures to use around water, have adjustable color settings, and use only a small amount of energy. LED light showerheads, light strips, and one can use luxury shower installation to add some color to the bathroom. 

showerBenefits of Rain Shower Installation 

Rain showers have a large square or round showerhead that showers the entire body with water. One can add rain showerheads to a shower and a regular showerhead by attaching it to the ceiling. They offer a more luxurious bathing experience than a regular showerhead. 

Rain showers usually have LED lights built-in with adjustable color settings and other luxury features. Bluetooth speakers and shower speak built-in are another feature often included with installing new rain showers. 

For people who prefer baths over showers, a luxury spa tub installation is another great option for a new bathroom installation. Spa tubs are deeper than regular tubs and can have jets for muscle pain relief. A new spa tub installation is similar to having a hot tub installed in the bathroom. 

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