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Knowing the Difference Between a Plumbing Emergency and a Plumbing Problem

Do You Know the Difference Between Important and Urgent Plumbing Issues?

From minor to big, plumbing problems are never enjoyable to deal with. But, unfortunately, they do happen. The trick is to know the difference between an urgent emergency and a critical problem. Both need to be addressed, but not usually in quite the same way. An urgent emergency can easily get out of hand if it’s mistaken for an important problem. On the flip side of that coin, a plumbing problem can develop into an emergency if not addressed promptly. So, read on to find out the difference between an emergency and a problem. 

Broken or Leaking Pipe: Urgentbroken pipe

It’s easy to say that a pipe that has been cracked in half and is gushing water is a plumbing emergency. But, this is not usually how pipes break. Since most plumbing is located behind the walls or otherwise out of sight, it can be hard to tell if one is dealing with a simple problem or an emergency. 

The truth is that one should investigate any wet spots on walls, ceilings, or coming up from underneath floors immediately. And if the homeowner doesn’t have the means or the knowledge to do so, they should call a plumber. Of course, turning off the water to the home is always a good idea, just in case. But not investigating at once can end up causing much more damage than otherwise. 


Clogged Drain or Toilet: Important

A great example of an important plumbing problem is a clogged toilet or drain. Almost everyone has dealt with a clogged toilet once or twice. But some clogs are a little tougher than others. The first thing to try is the plunger. If that doesn’t seem to be working, a plumber’s snake could be the next best option. One can buy this tool at the local home improvement store for relatively cheap. 

Most drain clogs can be addressed by the homeowner, as well. Using a mixture of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda can help to clear a clogged drain. But, if multiple drains are clogged or acting up, it’s usually a sign of something worse: a sewage backup. 

Sewage Water Backup: Urgent

A sewage backup is probably the most unpleasant plumbing emergency out there. When this happens, the sewage that is supposed to go down the drains to a sewage treatment plant ends up backing up into the home’s drains. It can be inconvenient, but it can also pose a health hazard to the household. 

There are several potential causes for a sewage water backup, none of which are easily addressed by the homeowner. So if there are bubbling drains or toilets, or if multiple drains clog at once, it may be a sewage backup. And if foul-smelling and dark water comes up the drain, it’s time to call a plumbing professional to address the issue. 

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