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Is That Scary Banging Sound From Behind the Walls a Ghost? No, It's Water Hammer

What to Do About Noisy Water Pipes 

Imagine a homeowner is watching a scary movie on their TV this Halloween when a banging sound behind the wall makes them jump out of their skin. Is it a ghost––or some monster trapped in the walls? Probably not. It’s likely a water hammer. But what is this phenomenon, its risks, and how does a plumber deal with it? This post will answer these questions so homeowners can prevent water hammers from causing problems.

What Is Water Hammer? 

Contrary to what the name suggests, a water hammer isn’t a tool. Also known as hydraulic shock, it happens when there’s a sudden stop or reversal in the water flow inside the piping. This causes the water to bang against a closed valve or another object, creating a rhythmic thump and banging sounds in the pipes. 

Water hammer can happen due to many issues like: 

  • Rapid valve closure
  • Loose pipes
  • Clogged air chambers
  • Faulty or worn valves
  • An increase in water pressure 

What Issues Can Water Hammer Cause? 

water hammer A water hammer is more than just banging pipes. In the long run, it can cause damage to the plumbing system, elevating the risk of leaks and burst pipes. Some problems it can cause for the house include: 

  • Leaks: The increased pressure of the water hammer can cause damage to pipe connections and joints, resulting in a leak and higher water bills.  
  • Burst pipes: Sometimes, the pressure of a water hammer can cause the lines to rupture and burst, causing flooding and a spike in water costs. 
  • Property damage: If a water hammer causes leaks or a burst pipe, it can lead to water damage, mold growth, and expensive property damage. 

These risks of a water hammer are why it’s essential for homeowners to call a professional at the first sign of a water hammer so they can fix it before it leads to a worse plumbing problem. 

What Goes Into Fixing Water Hammers? 

water hammer service When a plumber identifies a water hammer in a home, they can fix it in several ways depending on the situation and cause. One possible solution is installing water hammer arrestors. These devices absorb the shock and put less strain on the home’s pipes. A professional may also lower the home’s water pressure or install a pressure regulator if elevated water pressure is causing the water hammer. 

Other professional solutions for water hammers may include:

  • Installing or draining air chambers
  • Replacing faulty valves
  • Securing loose pipes 
  • Insulating pipes

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