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Hidden Costs of a Foundation Leak

The Difference Between Foundation Leaks and Slab Leaks

There are no differences between foundation and slab leaks - this is just how different people refer to them. They occur in the concrete, or hard rock slab, that homes are built on. 

Some early warning signs are:

  • Unexplained spike in water bills
  • Accumulation of water
  • Growth and development of mold

Detecting these leaks early can help homeowners avoid significant costs for repairs. 

Wasted Water Level Is Very High

faucet spilling out money

Homeowners may notice a decrease in water pressure and hear water running when their faucets are off. This isn't a matter of a haunted house; they most likely have a foundation leak. 

This might even cause their water bill to increase due to a rise in water usage. People have experienced hundreds of gallons more on their water bills due totally to foundation leaks. Depending on the size and number, it's like having a faucet running full time.

Can a Foundation Leak Cause Permanent Water Damage?

a home flooding

Foundation leaks can cause damp spots on the floor or carpet. If not seen early enough, this will result in mold under the carpet or flooring, or even cracked tiles, all which will have to be replaced. Homeowners may also see damage to their yard. The lawn, brickwork, pool or concrete walkways may flood or start to buck. 

Foundation leaks, as the name implies, can also affect the actual foundation of the home. Water slowly wears away at the concrete and steel, and will eventually cause the foundation to shift. It more consistently wears away at the ground around the foundation posts and this weakens the structural integrity of the home. 

These leaks and the damage caused by them can be costly to repair. When homeowners have a foundation leak issue, many turn to their insurance for help. Unfortunately, most standard policies cover the cost of removing and replacing the slab to repair the plumbing, not plumbing repair itself.

What Services Can Fix a Foundation Leak?

Depending on the exact situation, there are a variety of options available. But one thing is for sure: at this point, one should get help from a qualified licensed plumber. They have ways to test the foundation and water flow to determine where the leaks are and how bad the water flow is. 

plumber with a wrench

Only a licensed plumber can offer recommendations about proper remedies. He or she can also provide a quote for those options, and discuss previous insurance experiences for this type of service in the past.

There may be a partial pipe repairing solution or the use of a combination of piping material during a house repiping project. Copper is standard because it’s long-lasting, can survive fires and resists weather. But copper is difficult to install, which means higher labor costs. 

PEX or polyethylene pipes have the advantage of flexibility, which means plumbers can bend the pipes eliminating the need for joints, which saves time and money and reduces the risk of joint leaks. PEX also resists corrosion and freezing better than metal pipes.

Service Maintenance is a good idea to help prevent pipe leakage, and can be done by:

  • Keeping the heat on if it’s cold when away on a trip.
  • Leave sink cabinet doors open to let in the heat if unusually cold.
  • Insulate outside pipes, spigots, water pumps.
  • Insulate in attic, basement, crawl space 

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