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Give Mom a Relaxing Mother's Day Treat With a Home-Spa Bathroom Makeover

Simple Bathroom Upgrades to Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere in the Comfort of the Home

It’s not difficult to please Mom, but if someone really wants to wow her for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, remodeling a bathroom to create a luxurious spa experience that she can access every day she wants to is sure to be a big winner. This blog will share some bathroom upgrade ideas to help transform an ordinary home bathroom into a relaxing oasis. 

It’s All in the Showerhead

shower headReplacing the showerhead is one smaller upgrade that can make a huge difference for the bathroom. People take showers almost daily, so it’s an upgrade that will get heavy use, and there is a variety of options to choose from. Because of their wide diameter and water delivery, rain showerheads are one of the most popular choices for a showerhead upgrade. These features ensure a steady stream of soothing water covers the whole body, creating one of the most relaxing shower experiences possible.

Homeowners who want to take showers to a new level can create a multi-sensory experience in their bathrooms by choosing showerheads with built-in speakers or LED lights. These specialty showerheads can improve the showering experience by playing relaxing music or podcasts right inside the shower or filling the space with soothing, colored lights.  

While they may not be top of the list for luxury upgrades, low-flow showerheads are a fantastic option for a shower head upgrade, especially for those looking for a calming shower experience without the guilt of wasting too much water or running up the water bill. A low-flow showerhead uses less water per minute without sacrificing comfort or water pressure.

Maximize Relaxation With a Bathtub

bathtubTaking a long, soothing soak in the tub is one of the best ways to relax at the end of a tiring day, so what better way to upgrade a bathroom into a home spa than to install a bathtub that will elevate that experience even more? Hot baths are also beneficial for human health. They are known to uplift moods, soothe tired, aching muscles, reduce blood pressure, and help people get a good night’s sleep, all while improving mental and emotional wellness. 

It’s important to install the right bathtub for the space that fits the practical and aesthetic needs to take advantage of these health benefits. Alcove-type bathtubs, for example, are best for small spaces since they can be combined with the shower. They may be a little less grandiose than other kinds of tubs, but they serve the same purpose. 

Clawfoot, freestanding, or corner bathtubs may be worth considering for bigger bathroom spaces. All three are typically deeper and have a bigger water-holding capacity, perfect for a deep soak. Clawfoot bathtubs are ideal for homes with a vintage or antique style. Freestanding tubs are more modern options for a home, and corner tubs usually come with jets that create the luxury of a hot tub or jacuzzi. 

Finish Up With the Right Details

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t end with the big pieces. Attention to detail can tie the bathroom together to create an at-home spa feel. Tweaking little things can significantly impact the overall aesthetics of the space - the choice to replace a sink, add a mirror in a different shape or style, or a touchless faucet upgrade - all these things can help create the ideal dream bathroom. 

Additionally, adding small details like live plants, candles, and natural elements to a bathroom can help further the relaxing aesthetic for a spa-like atmosphere at home. It could even be one of the best Mother’s Day or late Mother’s Day gifts ever. 

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