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Treat Yourself To a New Bathroom This Year

New Bathrooms With Professional Bathroom Remodeling 

Another year has come and gone, and the bathrooms in a home are a year older. That means that they are another year out of date and another year closer to needing serious repairs. Bathrooms are one of the central design features in any house, and as a result, they need periodic updates to keep looking great. Along with looking great, bathrooms and their requisite plumbing need maintenance and repairs to keep them from causing damage to their surroundings. 

As the plumbing in a bathroom gets older, it becomes more prone to having problems. By planning for a bathroom remodel, homeowners can keep their bathrooms up to date and prevent the need for pesky repairs caused by years of use. Here are some things for homeowners who may be interested in a bathroom remodel to consider. 

Decorating With New Sinks and Fixturessink

Sinks and fixtures are some of the more subtle design elements in a bathroom. If a total bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget or sounds like too much of a hassle, then changing fixtures and sinks can be a low-budget way of updating the space anyway. 

Updating fixtures and sinks have several benefits like:

  • Improving the look of the bathroom overall
  • Reducing maintenance and repairs on fixtures
  • Stopping faucet leaks
  • Upgrading to a brand that is more easily upgraded in the future
  • Making the space more functional

Choosing New Toilets

Whether undertaking a whole bathroom remodel or just making updates, replacing the toilet is always a good way to update a space. Over time, toilets become more prone to clogging or running and wasting water. Homeowners can repair the toilet, but at some point, replacement becomes the best option. 

When deciding to replace a toilet, homeowners should consider the following options:

  • Mounting style: A traditional toilet with a tank is standard in most homes; however, many plumbers are beginning to install wall-mounted toilets. Wall-mounted toilets look nicer, are easier to clean, and use less water because they have pressure-assisted flushing. 
  • Insulated Tanks:  A common problem in humid environments is a sweating toilet tank. Most manufacturers offer an insulated tank to keep it from soaking the bathroom with condensation. 
  • Efficiency Rating: High-efficiency and dual-flush toilets are quickly becoming the standard. They use very little water to flush away waste, so they end up saving lots of money over their lifespan. 

Shower and Bathtub Design

For more ambitious bathroom remodeling projects, many homeowners will opt to replace an outdated shower or bathtub. Replacing a shower or bathtub can be a big job, but professional contractors can make it quick and easy. Homeowners may even decide to relocate a tub or install a built-in bathtub or shower. 


A professionally installed shower or bathtub will greatly beautify a space and give reliable service for years to come. Professional bathroom remodelers can handle any part of bathroom remodeling, from installing any type of tub or fixture to the finishing touches like showerheads. With professional help, homeowners can have the peace of mind that bathroom remodels are done to the highest level of craftsmanship

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