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Expert Tips to Keep Plumbing Problems From Ruining Independence Day!

Keep the Kitchen Drains Working Through the Holidays

Summer holidays should be all about relaxing, but that may not always be the case for kitchen plumbing. With summer holidays like Independence Day, kitchen plumbing can be more stressed than usual with cookouts and large dinner parties, leading to clogs and plumbing emergencies. 

This year, declare independence from kitchen plumbing disasters. plumbing experts have the answers for every homeowner wanting to throw a summer party. 

Put Food Waste in the Trashdrain

The kitchen sink sees a lot of abuse during food preparation. As a result, the sink is no stranger to having food waste washed down it that can cause it to clog. When preparing food, be sure to discard unwanted food waste in the garbage instead of down the drain. Be sure to:
  • Make sure vegetable peels don’t go down the drain
  • Peel potatoes directly into the trash or compost bin
  • Discard coffee grounds into the trash or compost bin
  • Keep nuts and fruit pits out of the sink
  • Throw bones into the trash

All of these examples of food waste are common contributors to kitchen drain clogs. Even in homes with garbage disposals, they are still potent clogging agents. To keep drains flowing freely, keep food debris out of the kitchen sink and drain. 

Keep Grease from Going Down the Drain

Grease is deceptive when it comes to pouring it down the drain. It is liquid as it comes off the stove, so it makes sense to pour it down the drain to get rid of it. Unfortunately, grease is a solid at room temperature, and as soon as it is poured into drain pipes, it will re-harden into a thick paste. This thick paste then attaches to the inside of drain lines, leading to clogs. 

Instead, put grease in the trash with the other food waste. Wait until the grease has cooled completely and scrape it out or wait until it is cooled but still liquid and pour it into a used can or non-flammable container. It can then be safely placed in the garbage. 

garbage disposal

Keep Using the Garbage Disposal

In newer construction, garbage disposals are almost universal, but this hasn’t always been the case. As homes get renovated and retrofitted, installing garbage disposal is a good idea to help protect the plumbing. For homes with garbage disposals in place, using them the right way and replacing them when necessary can help prevent kitchen clogs from happening. 

Here are a few pro tips for using garbage disposals as they were intended:

  • Don’t plan on flushing food down the drain just because garbage disposal is in place. Garbage disposals mainly grind small amounts of food that get rinsed off of dishes after scraping into the garbage. 
  • Dishwasher hoses lead into the garbage disposal. When one can hear gurgling sounds as the dishwasher drains, it’s time to flush water down the sink and run the garbage disposal. 
  • Pre-rinsing dishes with hot water and soap emulsifies grease and breaks down food particles. Running the garbage disposal as the sink drains will keep pipes clean. 

By implementing these few simple practices, one can virtually eliminate kitchen drain clogs. 

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