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Beware These Bone-Chilling Plumbing Emergencies!

Plumbing Emergencies Can Keep Any Homeowner up at Night

Everyone enjoys a good scary movie or haunted house. But, plumbing scares are the last thing any homeowner wants when it comes to a homeowner’s own home. The stress and struggle of repairing plumbing emergencies can send any homeowner screaming. Read on to discover the three most common emergencies to plague homeowners and how to prevent them. 

Don’t Fall Victim To Burst Pipes

burst pipe

Every homeowner dreads the emergency of a burst pipe. From pipe replacement to water damage repairs, burst pipes are the villain of many home repair episodes. Taking care to prevent their cause can help ensure a home stays dry and safe. 

  • Keep an Eye on Temperature: Frigid weather brings more risk of bursting pipes. As the water in the pipework freezes, it will expand, which, unchecked, will cause pipes to break from the pressure. 
  • Keep Pipes Maintained: Rusted pipes are more than just an eyesore. They are often the place where a pipe will burst. Rust makes pipes weak and is more likely to lose integrity when waters freeze. 
  • Prevent Hard-Water Buildup: Plumbing troubles often plague homes with mineral-heavy water. Minerals can build up in the pipework, leading to restricted water flow, making it easier for the water in the pipes to freeze and burst.

There are always tell-tale signs of pipes becoming at risk of bursting. Hard-water and rusted pipes can discolor running water in the home and should be inspected right away. An inspection by a qualified plumbing expert can ensure that pipes are properly insulated and prepared to handle the nearing cold weather. 

The Terrible Trouble of Overflowing Toilets and Sinks

Overflowing toilets and sinks are an absolute headache for homeowners. While a nuisance, overflowing plumbing fixtures are often caused by only a few issues.

  • Clogged Drains: Most overflows are the result of clogged drains. Sinks and toilets usually share the same pipeline out to the main sewer line. When this becomes clogged, water will be unable to drain and will overflow. Sometimes this can be fixed with a simple over the counter solution and a plunger; more extensive clogs need to be cleared professionally.
  • Clogged Vent-Pipe: Vent-pipes supply the air that enables the toilet to flush. When the water is pumped from the toilet, the vent-pipe refills with air. If this becomes clogged, the toilet will not flush properly and can overflow. Usually, this needs to be fixed by an expert plumber.
  • Filler Float: The filler float sets the level for how much water can fill a toilet tank. When adjusted too high, it will allow too much water into the tank and overflow. It is usually a simple adjustment to prevent this from happening. 

The good news is, overflowing toilets and sinks are usually preventable with routine pipe maintenance and can be fixed easily by a plumbing professional.  

Sump Pump Failure

The anonymous superhero of the home’s plumbing system, the sump pump protects the house from excessive groundwater and flooding. A failed sump pump creates a flooding nightmare that is costly and time-consuming to fix. 

Understanding the cause of sump pump failure is the first step to preventing it. Most failures are caused by one or more of the following issues:

  • Poor Maintenance: Sump pumps should be inspected annually. Sump pump tanks can fill with debris and need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent any failure of parts.
  • Power Failure: Sump pumps run on electricity and require an outlet to be nearby to function. If power fails, the sump pump will not run. This is particularly dangerous when the power failure is due to stormy weather bringing rain and snow. 

Sump pump failure is a costly expense and a terrible experience for homeowners. Mold, water damage, and other expenses quickly add up after a sump pump failure. Often, water mitigation teams and plumbers must be brought in to fix the problem. 

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