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Beware of Dangerous Gas Leaks in the Home

Watch Out for Dangerous Home Gas Leaks

Few people are aware of it, but August is National Wellness Month, which means it is the time of year to be especially on the lookout for health and safety. This is a great time of year for homeowners, in particular, to educate themselves on home safety as it pertains to gas leaks. These can be extremely dangerous and potentially lethal, as gas is highly combustible.

Given the seriousness of gas leaks, homeowners should be sure that they and their families are fully aware of the signs of a gas leak, the best actions to take when confronted with a gas leak, and why hiring professional services is of utmost importance. Continue reading for all these answers and more!

Common Signs of a Gas Leak

Now how exactly can homeowners tell if there is a gas leak? There are several common signs that are likely to suggest a leak is present:

  • Alerts - homeowners will be notified of the gas present if they have installed alarms like those used to detect carbon monoxide
  • Foul odors and abnormal sounds - rotten egg smells and whistling/hissing sounds are some of the most obvious indicators of a gas leak
  • Physical reactions - unexplainable dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and difficult breathing can be clear indicators of a gas leak

Even if homeowners do not observe these signs but have reason to suspect a gas leak, they can perform a quick DIY test using soap and water. If bubbling is present, then this may indicate a gas leak. Regardless, homeowners should be sure to take the proper safety measures in response to any potential gas leak.

Actions to Take in the Event of a Gas Leakphone

There are some very specific, key steps that one should take in the event of a gas leak, or if one is suspected. First off, homeowners should evacuate their families immediately. They should get everyone out of the house and at a safe distance away, given the combustibility of gas. Next, and only once everyone is evacuated, homeowners should call for emergency help via 911. One should not do this from inside the home, given the risk of setting off an explosion.

After this, homeowners should then call for a professional gas inspector, as professionals can assess the situation and figure out the best way to handle the leak safely and efficiently. Professionals can also help figure out what may have caused the leak to prevent one in the future.


Benefits of Professional Gas Leak Detection

Professional gas leak detection is extremely important, given how dangerous leaks can be. Leaving this work to professionals with decades of experience in safely handling situations like these is critical. During gas leak detection, professionals will inspect the home room by room and employ technologies to determine if abnormally high levels of gas are present.

If this is the case, professionals will be able to figure out exactly where the leak is coming from and, as a result, come up with a plan on how to safely restore the in-home conditions and come up with a long-lasting solution that can mitigate the probability of a leak in the future!

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