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April Showers Bring New Plumbing Issues

Plumbing Problems Caused By Increased Rainfall

Finally, the long winter is giving way to a beautiful spring. But spring comes with its own problems. As snow melts and rain follows, certain plumbing issues can arise. They can range from annoying to life-altering, so it is vital to prepare for the new challenges that come with the rain. The soil around the home can become saturated, foundations can leak, and entire piping systems may need repair. Rather than wait until these issues arise, homeowners can take preventative measures against them. 

Saturated Soil Around the Home

Saturated soil around a home can happen to anyone. Most commonly, it happens for those who live in wet areas and do not have proper drainage flowing away from their home. However, it can also happen simply after an excessive amount of rainfall. With so much moisture, the ground will not soak up the water, leaving it standing on the surface. 

If water is allowed to stand near the home for too long, it can cause several annoying issues for the homeowner. These issues can range from unwelcome moss to cracks in the foundation. For homeowners who live in particularly wet climates, it is important to ensure proper drainage. This can be as simple as cleaning out the gutters or as complicated as re-landscaping the yard. 

A Leaky Foundationfoundation

When the soil around the home is allowed to become saturated, it can cause several serious issues. Perhaps the most serious (and expensive) of these issues are leaks through the home's foundation. When soil is saturated around the foundation, it puts pressure on the slab. This results in cracks within the foundation. 

If the home has a basement, this will often lead to flooding. If there is no basement, homeowners may soon find their kitchen with water seeping up through the floor. They can prevent this by ensuring proper drainage away from their home during the rainy season. If a foundation leak is already suspected, it is important to have the foundation inspected immediately. The quicker the problem is identified, the cheaper the repair costs.

pipesInvisible Pipe Problems

Most homeowners are careful of their pipes during the winter when freezing can be an issue. But pipes can also burst from the pressure caused by saturated soil. Usually, these pipes are buried under the home and can lead to flooding when they break. This is even more likely to occur if the pipes are old. 

However, it is possible to prevent these breaks. Licensed technicians encourage homeowners to keep a close eye on their plumbing systems. If they suspect a leak or clog, it is important to have the pipes inspected. Often, if the leak is allowed to continue until there are outward signs, the damage is more serious than if it had been caught early. 

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