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The Ultimate Guide To Appreciating a Water Heater this Holiday Season

Why Water Heater Repair Is Important 

Water heaters deserve appreciation during the holiday season for faithfully serving hot water to homeowners throughout the year. Obviously, these appliances do not expect traditional gifts such as warm pairs of socks during the winter. But they deserve to be repaired and maintained to increase their lifespan and functionality. In this article, homeowners will learn everything about water heater repair this festive season.

How To Tell a Water Heater Needs Repairs

Water heaters break down due to different reasons, but it takes experience and training to find out the exact cause.

Here are some of the most notable signs of a broken water heater:

  • Fluctuating heat levels possibly due to mineral deposits buildup or faulty elements
  • Low hot water pressure as a result of blocked pipes or kinked distribution
  • Leaking as a result of cracks or loose sections
  • Unusual sounds when running hot water
  • Presence of rusty, cloudy, or foul-smelling water
  • Faulty thermostats, thermocouples, igniters, and motors

Homeowners are always advised to contact water heater repair technicians immediately to fix the problem. If ignored, such issues usually develop into something more serious, damaging, and expensive.

Common Reasons Why Water Heaters Break Downletters

Like any other appliance at home, water heaters are bound to break down at some point in their lifespan. Ideally, these appliances are designed to last for years, but this is possible only if they are well-maintained.

Lack of routine maintenance is a leading cause of water heater problems in both residential and commercial environments. The entire heating unit is usually made up of different electronic devices and parts that should be checked regularly for rust, corrosion, and mineral buildup. Failure to keep a maintenance routine leads to wear and tear, just like any other machine.

When Should Water Heaters Be Replaced? 

Water heater repair helps homeowners save money – there is no doubt about that. But there comes a time when replacement is the better option.

A tank water heater, for instance, lasts up to 12 years with proper care and maintenance. The tankless version, on the other hand, can last more than 20 years. Depending on the type of problem or heater, it may be necessary to replace the whole unit.


The presence of rusty or cloudy water could also be another sign that a water heater is ready for replacement. Normally, when this happens, technicians check the sacrificial anode rod to find out if it needs replacement or flushing. If they determine that the rod is in good condition but still releases cloudy or rusty water, the entire tank may need to be replaced.

In most cases, cloudy water occurs due to a sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. On the other hand, rusty water occurs due to corrosion along the steel lining of the tank.

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