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3 Common Causes of Sewer Line Issues That Can Be Solved With Hydrojetting

What’s Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting, often referred to as high-pressure drain cleaning, is used by professional plumbers to remove clogs and buildup from drainage systems and sewer lines. It involves a machine resembling a beefed-up pressure washer and a long hose with a special nozzle that can be fed into drain pipes. Many hydro jet machines can pressurize water up to 20,000 PSI. In other words, they produce a water jet powerful enough to break through virtually any drain clog.

While plumbers have multiple tools at their disposal for clearing clogs in ordinary household drains, high-pressure drain cleaning is the only method professionals use to clean sewer lines. And in addition to its effectiveness at removing clogs, hydrojetting is also widely used for preventative drain cleaning due to its ability to remove stubborn buildup from the walls of sewer lines and drainage systems. To illustrate why hydrojetting is a preferred drain cleaning method used by plumbers, this article will discuss how it stacks up against the three common causes of sewer line clogs.

Invading Tree Roots

treerootsTree roots are arguably one of the most insidious and destructive causes of sewer line problems. Large anchor roots can wrap around or crush sewer lines, while smaller feeder roots can infiltrate pipes through seams or cracks in search of water and nutrients. As the roots grow and propagate inside the sewer line, not only will the line become more and more clogged, but it can also be gradually destroyed.

Hydrojetting is an effective method for getting rid of tree roots in sewer lines. Plumbers may use a special “rooter” snake to cut through larger roots, but this can only break up the roots, not remove them. A sufficiently powerful hydro jet can not only cut through or break apart most roots but can also wash away the remaining pieces. In some cases, plumbers may use both a rooter and hydro jet to get the job done without further damage to the pipe.

Grease and Oil

greaseAnother extremely common source of sewer line clogs is grease and cooking oil. When grease or oil is washed down the drain, they tend to be hot and more of a liquid. But as it makes its way down into the home’s main sewer line, the cooler underground temperature causes it to thicken and solidify, forming a stubborn layer on the pipe wall. The more grease and oil are sent down the drain, the thicker the layer becomes, and all kinds of debris from the home’s drains will get stuck in it, gradually forming a blockage.

Regarding grease clogs, high-pressure drain cleaning has a distinct advantage over other clog removal methods. A drain snake may be able to poke holes in the blockage and scrape some greases off the walls as the auger spins, but it can’t completely remove it. 

Hydro jet nozzles are designed to spray a high-powered water stream forward to break through blockages while simultaneously spraying backward in a cone-shaped pattern. This propels the nozzle forward and scours the pipe walls, removing any grime or grease from the surface. This is why hydrojetting is so often used for preventative drain cleaning. It leaves the pipes practically as good as new!

Non-Flushable Items

While grease and tree roots form clogs over a longer period, few things can cause a sewer line to clog faster than non-flushable materials. Things like paper towels, napkins, sanitary wipes (even those that claim to be flushable), feminine hygiene products, bandages, contraceptive devices, and pet litter should never be flushed down a toilet. However, even if they flush without clogging the toilet, they often get stuck in the sewer line and form clogs, especially if a thick layer of grease is waiting to greet them.

Of course, the best way to avoid this is only to flush appropriate materials down the toilet. There are only two items in that category - human waste and toilet paper. But if the sewer line does get clogged with non-flushable materials, hydrojetting can help. These materials may not break down like toilet paper, but they won’t stand a chance against a high-powered water jet!

No matter the underlying cause, sewer line clogs are no fun. Homeowners would do well to avoid them altogether by scheduling periodic hydrojetting visits with their preferred local plumber!

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